One Year Old Today!

The Duke is official 1 today! This blog has now been running for a year and it’s been weekly since the 17th of May and I don’t think I’ve missed a week since, which I hope is an impressive thing.

As this blog has been pretty much a platform on which to display my painting I thought I’d look back over the year and see just how much I’ve painted…


Venerable Thaumaturge – This was the first miniature to premiere on this blog all those months ago. I’m ashamed to say his page remains unpainted (I’m not sure I even know where he is…)

Games Workshop

My Grave Guard – Sadly these haven’t progressed much further than the pics in this link.

Four Mordor Uruk Hai – These were my Hobgoblin force for D&D, I still have 8 of these to paint somewhere.

Aragorn – This guy was painted up for use as Lynx the Ranger in D&D

8 Cave Rats – These had custom bases that I sculpted, some of the first I’d ever done.

8 LOTR Goblins – These were rushed paintjobs that will eventually be replaced with better Gobbos from Hasslefree or Otherworld 

Witch King – Painted up as a Shadow, this was one of my favourite paintjobs of the year… a lot of fun.

Tribe of Woes – These guys are still unfinished with 3 tribe members left, maybe I’ll do a “Hot Not To” post on these guys.

4 Dryads – These were the twig blights for the Sunless Citadel campaign and what a pain they were to paint!

Baby Dragon – This was Calcryx from the Sunless Citadel, the model’s not great but the character was a lot of fun when he got loose!

Clansman of Lamedon – This was the Cleric for our D&D game, but the other two from the blister remain paintless…

Mahud – Probably my favourite GW paintjob of the year I was pretty happy with this guy.

Citadel Guard – The first of the step by step paint guides this guy was the start and finish of my idea of painting all of my Minas Tirith models.

4 Easterlings – These guys helped me develop my current armour painting style.

4 Barrow Wights, 4 Hobbit Hostages, plus Tom Bombadil and Goldberry.

Ral Partha

Dragon in Flight – This is a great piece of lead for £10, shame RP Europe isn’t taking orders at the moment.

4 Kobolds – Tiny little fellers that will probably be replaced with Otherworld ones soon because I need more Kobolds! Still they look great though…

3 Bugbears – Not my favourite models, but I can’t find anything I like more to use instead.


Miranda – This was a poor effort on such a beautiful model… I ruin all of Kev’s lovely ladies…

Mikal – This Kev Adams goblin got a sex and a race change and ended up as a rather large Kobold.

Hatherley – This Dwarf ended up as the Gnome “Erky Timbers” in the Sunless Citadel campaign.

Demon Child – After a little conversion this fella took to the skies as Jot the Quasit, who appeared on the table for less than a minute and I think he was invisible the whole time.

Viktor – Another Kev Adams Goblin. For some reason when I was painting the head on the end of the staff all I could think of was Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Grimdalf – This is a great model that I just had to have. His feline companion is a GW model too.

Shimmer – Another hatchet job on a fantastic mini…

4 Hostages – Great minis although they are technically from ArmorCast…

Scooby Doo and the Gang, plus Frank and Tony and Norville – These were all painted for my Scooby Doo game. All of the models are great, except Buster, he was a bit of a let down.

Minimus – This miniature General can be seen about to be eaten in the Owlbear pictures. Great fun to paint.

Medieval Kids – These guys are going to pop up soon in the Grave Guard WIP pics. (When I get round to fixing the Workbench thread)

Minis Sculpted by Me

Thoqqua – This little guys is my first ever scratch build. Sure its not the best thing ever but I like him and it gave me confidence to keep on sculpting. Most of my bases now feature at least a little Procrete work… all thanks to this guy!


Troll II – This troll was intended to play the part of the Dragon Priest in the SC campaign. However his coffin remained firmly locked so he never saw table time.

5 Giant Rats – Awesome little models… These were the first models I ever showed on the Otherworld forum.

6 Skeletons – Think that these guys will look poor compared to my next batch, but we’ll see.

Medusa – My favourite paintjob, at least prior to new year, finally I think I did a Kev White lady justice. 

Djinni – Matt Bickley’s debut model for OW and what a lovely one.

 2 Shriekers and a Violet Fungi – Lots of fun to paint, still got three to do though…

A Gnoll Chief and an Owlbear – Two superb models both by the master of monsters Paul Muller. 

3 Fire Beetles – These dungeon vermin by Kev Adams look great on the table top. Plus they changed the way I paint dungeon floors forever!

8 Man Trog Tribe – These guys were never meant to be bought and now I have eight of them. Great models from Jo Brumby.

Hook Horror – One of the most recent models to my collection and quote “possible my best yet”

4 Giant Ticks – These never made the blog for some reason but they appear in the OW forum.

Mule – This appeared nowhere on the internet because I was never really happy with it.

36 Model Challenge

And of course there was that 3 month period where I only painted commission models :P

Board Game Bits

32 Cylon Raiders and 4 Heavy Raiders

8 Vipers

4 Raptors

These took some time to do but they look fantastic!

Oh… And all 14 characters from Talisman’s fourth edition!

And the Total?

164 models (not including the Board Game pieces), which is approximately one every 2 days, which I don't think is bad at all. This also assumes that I haven’t forgotten anything along the way.

All this work has been immensely satisfying, but it has also made me quite a bit of money, which was a welcome surprise. In fact I’ve just received the models for a second, even bigger commission, so yay me!

It’s been one hell of a year and I’m really pleased with how far I’ve come. The feedback on the step by step paint guides has been great. Thanks to everyone who has contributed here over the past year, you’ve all been awesome. Here’s to another year of painting and playing… Things can only get better!

The Duke…