Workbench April 2018

So this month I didn't work on multiple projects, it was just full steam ahead with Super Dungeon Explore...

First up we have the last of the heroes, The Tabby Brook Mage

And the Deeproot Wolfrider

For the Wolfrider I drew a lot of inspiration from Majora's Mask.

And here we have a group shot featuring all the completed heroes. It's impossible for me to choose a favourite, they're all so cute!

Next up we have the mini bosses. I began with the pirate king, Captain R.

Such a fun looking mini. We faced him in a recent game and although he's not so dangerous, he is pretty hard to kill. 

Next up we have Ser Snapjaw

In classic dungeon crawls, kobolds are small and weak but in SDE, these dragon worshipping gobliniods are pretty enormous!

This guy is a dark celestial known as the Herald of Vulcanis. Reasonably happy with how he turned out, although perhaps his armour needs a little more definition.

Next up is Kaelly the Nether Strider, a dark elf assassin. Really happy with the skin tone and hair colour, probably should have written down the mix for future dark elves!

Clothes seem to be an optional extra in the nether realm.

Finally we have the Dungeon Bosses and their associated creeps.

Here we have the Forgotten King and his army of Rabid Squirrels. In the end I decided to make the squirrels a quick and easy paint job as I really didn't want to spend ages on them. Still I think they turned out pretty well.

And here is Goro, a ginormous lemming like creature that surrounds himself with his smaller Giri kin, armed as they are with leeks.

And that's about it for this month. I'm waiting on some paints so that I can attempt some dayglow pink on the outstanding mini-bosses. All told I have just 11 SDE minis to go, which isn't bad considering I had 173 to start with and I began painting them in February 2017. 

Until next time, have fun painting

The Duke


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