In the Jaws of Defeat

So… As predicted last week… I lost.

Only marginally, but it was the first loss in a long time. My opponent agreed that had my Dragon (which was within an inch of his General’s Unit) been able to charge I would have probably gotten a draw or possibly even a marginal victory. Unfortunately, while I wasn’t looking GW decided that Dragons are incapable of looking sideways, despite those very long necks they have. the single models lack of 360 degree vision meant that the dragon could not charge, he could accidently step sideways and squish a dwarf without meaning to, but he COULD NOT CHARGE!

That was not the only problem I had this game. My best unit ended up sandwiched behind the spearmen. Meaning that they were out of combat until the final turn.

The flanking units, Spirit Hosts and very very expensive Blood Knights ran up against heavy opposition (two units plus crossbow men and two bolt throwers) and they died. Costly tactical error.

Allowing the Varghulf to overrun after helping the dragon and ghouls to destroy the slayers was a huge mistake. It caused no damage and died through combat resolution, which, if I’d thought about it, I knew would happen. If, instead I’d restrained it could have helped tip the balance in the final fight that the Dragon WAS NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE PART IN.

So I guess I don’t deserve to win due to my bad generalship. As promised last week here are some shots from my Workbench to round this post out. Keep an eye on the blog because I will soon be adding a Workbench page to display all my "Work in Progress” bits and pieces.

So here is my latest unit, the Guards of the Blood Keep… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         P3100119OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         P3100115

As you can see this unit of Grave Guards is based in a graveyard, preparing for war with their retinue. More pics as I do them.