Errors Abound…

With only six weeks left to finish preparing for the adventure I had a small mishap… I broke my paintbrush, in three places. This left me with a need to paint but without the tools to do so. Rooting through my paint box I found an old brush with a couple of bristles and nothing resembling a point, but here is what I managed…

DSC00357 DSC00359 DSC00360This monstrous creature has taken the better part of six hours I think, however its turned out fairly nicely. Its a Ral Partha Dragon from 1996 called Dragon of Flight and it is available from Ral Partha Europe. 

I bought it to represent Calcryx in the Sunless Citadel adventure, based on the price I figured it couldn’t be much bigger than your average adventurer, a bit big for Calcryx who is supposed to be 2 1/2 foot tall, but still not too big as to not look like a young dragon… However when the box arrived and it was bigger than the DVD boxset it was delivered alongside I began to think the picture may have been misleading. 

He is, in fact, over 4 inches tall with each wing measuring about three inches, a quick calculation tells me that he is about 12ft to 15ft tall. Ooops! That’s a lot of metal for £9.95.

However I still decided to paint him as a white dragon, planning to have Calcryx escape the Sunless Citadel and return in a later adventure as a more mature dragon. The blue undercoat really brings the white to life, while the grey offers a nice contrast that doesn’t detract from the fact that this dragon is meant to be white… and yes, each of the scales were painted by hand, no washes or dry brushing here! All in all I’m very happy with how he turned out considering the decayed nature of the brush. He is 13 years old and sculpting and casting have come a long way so this model is not as good as some of the others I am using but for the price its an excellent deal!

Coming soon… Twig Blights!