Otherworld Monster Tag Team

So, things have been a bit busy around here lately so I haven’t had much chance to work on anything, but here are two of my favourites from the last couple of months…

So the first is the Gnoll Chieftain. The base is made mostly from procrete and I think it looks pretty nice. I did want to get him to fit on a 25mm round base but he just wouldn’t. Overall I’m pretty pleased with this guy, so pleased in fact that I want to buy the rest of the tribe to go with him.

And the second monster?

Isn’t he beautiful?

The base is awaiting some extra fluffy bits from Gale Force 9, but is otherwise complete. Again it was constructed mainly from procrete with some bits from the GW dryads sprue thrown in.

I did intend to do some Tutorials on these guys but the paint schemes were so involved that they both took three days to complete, that would have been a lot of stage by stage pics! The white/brown colour scheme is drawn from an earlier model I sculpted back when I was 16, Otherworld’s version is slightly better :P.

General Minimus stands alone against the fury of the Owlbear… Let’s hope he’s tougher than he looks!

With Otherworld’s recent voucher promotion I managed to bag myself a pocket money account of £365, that’s a pound a day for the rest of the year, so you can expect to see a lot more Otherworld miniatures appearing in these pages. Next week I’ll be doing a “How Not To Paint” article on OW’s range of Fire Beetles. I also have plans to buy and do tutorials on the Skeletons and Kobolds, so keep reading the blog and don’t forget you can contact me through the comments box with questions and even requests.