A Special Christmas Present…

So, with money being tight this year I decided that I would avoid an expensive present this year for my youngest brother. As he has really developed an interest this year in board games I thought I would combine my need to paint certain models from Hasslefree’s collection with his love for games nights and this was the result. PC220001

I did intend to put the rules and image files up for download for anyone who was interested, however the risk of infringing on certain IP’s has made me decide not to do so.

The game is played by two teams, one plays the Gang…

PC220006 Consisting of Barney (Blue Base) Felicity (Pink Base) Louise (Red Base) and Wosley and Buster (Green Bases)

The other plays the Goons…

PC220004 Frank and Tony

Although the Gang are working together, they cannot share clues amongst players, except when they land on a space depicting another players character.

There are 17 different clues in the game and each Villain (there are 10 of them) has ten clues that lead to him or her but 5 of those clues appear on other cards too. PC220003

While the players need to indentify the Goon’s boss (the Villain), the Goon’s must complete 5 objectives.

  1. Hire 1 Lair
  2. Hire 1 Goon
  3. Capture Wolsey or Buster
  4. Burn 2 Clues
  5. Have at least 1 Cash Token

If the Goon’s achieve their 5 objectives before the Gang works out who the Villain is then he gets away with it… despite those meddling kids. PC220005

So that’s pretty much how the game works, there is also a neutral pawn Marv the Security Guard who will arrest any Gang or Goon members he finds loitering around the Hall of Mirrors.

I’m still very busy writing the last couple of bits (all 10 Villains, player reference sheets and 26 Villain Cards) but hopefully I will be done in time for Christmas Day…PC220002

I will try to continue to update projects on the blog over the holidays, but I anticipate being exceptionally busy. Whatever the case, have a great Christmas and New Year…

The Duke x


  1. Zoinks! Thats cool. I really like the models and enjoyed painting them. I had planned to use them in a Call of Cthulhu game...still might.


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