Here he is… or is he?

DSC00351 DSC00352 DSC00353

I really struggled to find a mini I thought could work for this monster, then it hit, the answer was right in front of me! This is a Games Workshop Lord of the Rings model of the Witch King, I just happened to have a spare one in a box doing nothing. I painted him in nothing but black grey and white and hey presto instant shadow model.

I shot him against a black background to show just how nicely he will meld into the shadows :) I really like the white blade, all the extreme highlights help to make this model look ethereal, much better than the black cardboard square I was thinking of using!

This is one those models that can easily double up as a Wraith or a Ghost as well, making him very versatile.

Next week, sticking with the undead theme, Skeletons!