So, this is it, the foolish Dragonpriest that transfigured himself into a troll.   DSC00368DSC00370DSC00369

Here’s a shot of the details on the base which I really like :)DSC00343 And a group shot to show the scale of this monster! (37mm tall!")


These pics really fail to show up how nice this model really is, I will try and find some better lighting and take some fresh ones, however, this is Troll II from Otherworld models and he is my first Otherworld mini and very proud I am of him!

Otherworld specialises in what they call Old School models and this is one that really captures that spirit, whilst still remaining current and usable for all editions of the game. He took me around four and a half hours to paint, layering up progressively greyer and creamier greens. I’m reasonably happy with the result, I particularly like the greeny-yellow boils on his back. Not an easy model to paint but quite a rewarding one when it’s done… now just to get the photos right…

Next week Goblins!