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So, with my brush and camera still out of commission I bring you an update on my Battlestar ships. This week Cylons!


These eight Raiders took about 6 hours to complete and they do look very nice indeed.


I don’t think that close up helps you see what I’ve done. For those who are interested the colours were as follows:

Primer: Black Primer

Base Coat: Dark Grey

Highlight: 1/2 Dark Grey 1/2 White

The Eye: Burgundy, highlighted with Deep Red, followed by single dot of 1/3 Deep Red 2/3 White

All paints are Gamecraft (available through Ral Partha Europe)

Yup… that’s it. And as a bonus, four Cylon Heavy Raiders


These turned out much better than I thought they would. They took 1 and half hours. They were done in same way as the above raiders, but they looked awful, so I gave them a coat of very watered down Black Vallejo ink and they turned from trash into gold.

Very happy with them now. New paint and brushes arrived on Saturday and new batteries for camera will arrive soon so expect a real update next week.