The Sunless Citadel

As a project over the last four months or so I have been looking for a way to make Dungeons and Dragons more visually accessible and exciting for my younger brother with Worster Drought Syndrome, as he is very much into fantasy games and the D&D board game. However now that we have played through all the adventures twice I thought it would be a good idea to introduce him to proper D&D. I chose the 3.5 ruleset, not one I’ve used before, because the mechanics of the game are much simpler than the 2nd ed system I have always played and while they are simpler they still retain a nice balance of complexity and flavour.

Anyway, being a beginner I chose an adventure designed for beginning DM’s as well as players, the Sunless Citadel. I’ve redesigned character sheets to have big boxes with all the info visually accessible as well as big box for a picture. I’ve created cards for all feats, powers, spells, weapons and equipment to make keeping track of things simpler and I’ve started to create a catalogue of monsters cards with pictures on the front and vital stats and rules on the back. Its all looking very nice indeed. However now it’s time to paint the models and over the coming months I will aim to showcase one set of models for the adventure a week. So this week we start with Kobolds.

Ral Partha Kobolds Ral Partha Kobolds Ral Partha Kobolds Ral Partha Kobolds

These are out of production Kobolds from Ral Partha, available in the late 80’s/early 90’s, from my own collection as a child, re-envisioned. I’m very happy with how these little guys turned out considering the tallest of the group is only just over half an inch tall. Unfortunately I only have four of them and so I need to find another set (or at least 2 more) on ebay from the same set. I also have a Hasslefree goblin on order to convert into the Kobold leader Yusdrayl.

Next week I’ll be featuring Sir Bradford and Sharwyn.


  1. I have these same kobolds,i bought em from the late Dennis Mize's estate sale actually along with the first set of drow elves and a few ravenloft personalities.Ral Partha is still my favorite manufacturer of minitures out there,OW is definatly next in line.

    Your pal,Warduke

  2. Thanks Warduke, it's always nice to know someone is reading. I always used to be a GW fan but recent releases, quality issues and price rises have really made my interests wane. However those same things drove me to find new companies. For GW scale models I cannot praise Gamezone and Avatars of War more. For Lord of the Rings or 28mm scale Hasslefree is superb as are OW. Kev White who owns and sculpts for HF produces the smoothest white metal I've ever handled. If you bought OW's Medusa you'll know what I'm talking about.

    I'm not really a fan of old minis from Ral Partha etc, they don't really hold any nostalgia for me like they might do for the older generation so I tend to buy new models because of just how far sculpting and casting techniques have moved on.

    Hope you keep reading and enjoying the blog...



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