Zelma Shazem

So here she is, the only female in the party, the Half Elven Swashbuckler, Zelma Shazem.DSC00389DSC00394

I got very annoyed with how badly I was butchering this very nice model. If you recall a couple of weeks back I painted a dragon with a brush that was nearly dead while I waited for my new brush to arrive? Well the new brush fell apart so I had to switch back to the dead brush to continue working. On top of that the hot weather has turned my paints all lumpy. I know this all sounds like excuses but seriously, look at what I’m working with!


So apart from the lumpy face, that I had to scrape clean at least twice it’s not the worst model I ever painted. A lots of the detail has been irradiated by the lumpy paints but I do like the trousers…

This beautiful (if butchered) model is Shimmer (b) from Hasslefree’s Elves range.

Next week will feature the last model needed for this adventure, a nameless and so far modelless warrior priest…