Jot the Quasit

… And all purpose tiny winged Demon!

DSC00319 DSC00320 DSC00321

Yeah, I know he’s a little generic but sometimes you just have to have models you can use more than once. Originally he was going to have bat wings from one of my old, never really used, Bat Swarms, however I couldn’t find them (because I never use them) so I went with some spare wings from the High Elf General plastic kit from Games Workshop. A few snips and a bit of procrete and bobs your tiny winged demon.

I’m pretty happy with him, he’s a little pinker than maybe I intended and the wing behind the scythe was difficult to paint with any degree of skill but I like his grey eyes with my tribute to the Demon of Glam Rock, Alice Cooper, the black eye makeup.

The Demon Child model is from Hasslefree’s Demonettes & Faeries range and he is an excellent sculpt for £2.50, or you can buy him with his witch and vampire sisters for £4.50, he is really tiny at just 15mm high.

Next week I will feature the last of the Hasslefree models (barring possible Heroes) Grenl, the Goblin Cleric.