Twig Blights

Unique to this adventure, I bring you Twig Blights…


And a group shot of the four I have done so far…


These fellows are Warhammer Dryads from Games Workshop, they come in a box of twelve and I needed ten for the final confrontation with Belak, which is sometime away, and to tell you the truth, I HATED PAINTING THESE!

Every time I saw Dryads in the glossy pages of White Dwarf I always thought how nice it would be to own these models but they are truly a bitch to paint! These four have turned out rather nicely but not without a lot of frustration. The best way I fond of painting them was to undercoat them black, followed by whatever the two base colours I planned to use were, highlight those areas with full woodgrain effect and then add a nice mix of flesh wash and black from Vallejo’s ink range to various areas.

So I still have six more to go but I’m not looking forward to them…

Next week Calcryx the dragon Wyrmling.


  1. awesome idea for getting twig blights! I love the idea of using these because its a nightmare trying to find them but there are lots of these for sale, thanks for the idea!


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