Ok, so here is a little known truth, I’m a traditionalist, an anal traditionalist. Why? There is an unwritten rule in my book that D&D should be played with only metal models, there were no plastics back in the days of 1st edition, except for toy soldiers you used to represent things you didn't have another model for, however, times are tight and as much as I wanted to put together the eight man gobbo team I needed from the characterful range at Hasslefree, I just had to accept that I would have to use what I already had to hand…

ArchersDSC00347  Spearmen (Javelin-eers?)DSC00348 And Close Combat specialists.DSC00350

These Goblins are from Games Workshop’s Lord of the Rings line, from the very first edition of the game, although models still remain the only ones available, barring a couple of Chieftain models.

You will notice the continuation of the cream and blue from the Hobgoblins to signify that they belong to the same tribe. In an attempt to add some character to these models I gave them slightly cartoony eyes which helped to define them a little more. If I had to choose a favourite it would be the blue shirted spearman. At the end of the day these guys wont win any beauty contests but they will do until I can get some more money together and spring for something better…

Next week Guthash and her Dire Rat brood!