Durnn and His Hobgoblins

Durrn, the leader of the Goblin tribe down in the Sunless Citadel is here; complete with scale mail and a big axe, all the better for chopping up heroes!DSC00326Durnn himself, picked out in the tribal colours of blue and cream with a red cloak and gold (stolen) armour to pick him out as chief. The weapon swap also serves to designate him as the leader of the pack, as well as adding a bit of punch to his profile in terms of damage.

And his Hobgoblin Bandits who help bulk out his Goblin raiding and hunting parties. DSC00323 DSC00324 DSC00325DSC00322 All these fellows are Mordor Uruk-Hai from Games Workshop and up until recently there were just these three poses, however the release of War of the Ring has brought forth three new models, which may be added to this group sometime in the future. Durnn himself was the model on the right of the group shot. I filed down his chest and then attempted to sculpt scalemail, (not convinced it paid off) his axe is part of a set Hasslefree sent to me as a free gift on one of my purchases and is available as part of a set of four in the “Armoury” section of their website.

Next week; Cave Rats…!