Sunday, 9 October 2016

The Beat Down Downtown

The stage was set. Two teams were ready to go head to head but only one would emerge victorious!

Here's the table in all it's glory! We actually ended up not using the citizens as we just wanted to play Smackdown and relearn the rules as it's been nearly a year since we played last. We're still using the starters but we added two level 1 supremes to either side to bring the total level up to 8. 

For the Heroes we had Ace, Tekkna, Wildman, Supreme Grimm and Grimmrock, while the Villains were Nuke, Anansi, Aurelius, Grimmancer and Stanley (Gentleman). 

I won the terrain advantage and Stanley took the rooftop position atop the Harmonic to provide overwatch for the rest of the villains. Nuke, Aurelius and Grimmancer clustered together in the street to benefit from Grimms support power while Anansi deployed downwind behind the dumpsters hoping to use her webslinger power to get a quick hit in turn one before swinging away to safety. 

Round 1 was mostly dedicated to the Supremes getting in to position for Round 2 and loading up with Power Up Dice. However with Stanley's Sniper Rifle I thought I might just be able to take a shot at Tekkna and mete-out some early damage to a weaker target. However I hadn't accounted for Wildman. 

Stanley ran forward, perching himself on the edge of the Harmonic's roof, rifle resting on the low brick wall, lining up the shot when the beastly Wildman bounded up onto the awning and let loose a fearsome howl. Not expecting the attack Stanley recoiled in fear and tumbled onto the fire escape below, taking a nasty bump and putting him totally out of position for the rest of the round. 

With Gentleman down and unable to provide cover fire, at the start of Round 2 Nuke threw caution to the wind and rushed headlong into enemy controlled territory. 

Tekkna raised the shields and hid behind Grimmrock for protection before Nuke unleashed the apocalypse, hitting every Hero except for Supreme Grimm who had taken shelter behind the Harmonic, just out of range. However Nuke's recklessness was not without a cost, he blasted Anansi too and now he was stuck out in the open with no AP or movement left. 

Wildman took advantage, leaping down from the awning with a rending slash that left Nuke heavily wounded and an easy target for Ace of Wraith's Queen of Blood. 

With Tekkna's shields severely hampering the Villain's attack Stanley attempted to redeem himself by taking pot shots at the beast with his Sniper Rifle. 

Only to expose himself to Supreme Grimm's overrun attack!

By the end of Round 2 Nuke and Grimmrock were both off the table and the villains were definitely on the back foot. Round 3 began with most of the Villains clustering around Aurelius to take advantage of his tank power, so to avoid being easy pickings for another overrun attack Stanley pulled back, cocking his Sniper Rifle in the crook of his arm and shooting Supreme Grimm square between the eyes. 

With the heroes down to three supremes it looked like the game might tip back in my favour but with my tank surrounded I knew I couldn't hope to last long. Fortunately Anansi was on hand to help. Unleashing a Web Barrage she was able to push Ace back up the street and pull Wildman into the middle of the barricades, while dealing out some damage and rearranging her teammates too.  

Ace took his shots, scoring extra targets far too many times and peppering the backs of the Villains with his spectral bullets. Then it was Aurelius' turn to shine, he stepped up turning his fists to molten gold and planted Wildman right in the jaw. The beast was done for, fatigued and out of position he was a sitting duck for Gentleman who took a snap shot bringing Wildman down to just one health remaining. 

Round 4 began and Aurelius was done for, two hit points remaining he had to take a chance, if he didn't clobber Ace now the old timer would turn spectral and all hope would be lost. He powered up but it wasn't enough. Ace withdrew and used Queen of Blood, finishing Aurelius and Anansi from behind like the coward he is. 

With his final action Ace turned Spectral and denied Gentleman the finishing shot. So there was no hope of a win, the best I could hope for at this point was a marginal loss. Torn between using Sniper Rifle and Snap Shot to put the last point of damage on Wildman, I decided to make sure. Stanley hopped over the barricade and took the shot at point blank range.

And missed...

Enraged Wildman turned and pounced. He tore Stanley to shreds, healing a life in the process, ensuring that Wildman could not be killed this round. Stan dropped a flash grenade, surviving the vicious assault, retreating behind the barricade. There he took his final shot, knowing he couldn't place enough damage on Wildman to kill him. Seconds later Wildman pounced once more and this time it really was the final curtain. 

A decisive victory for the heroes. 

I made some glaring errors but overall a fun game on a beautiful table!

Hope you liked this write up and I hope to get Pulp City back to table, hopefully sooner rather than later.

The Duke

Friday, 7 October 2016

Road to Victory - Part 4

Tomorrow's the big game!

So, the roads are all but done. My stencil arrived today and tbh I spent a lot of time trying to make it work and I'm still not really happy with the results. In the end I went with just the yellow lines because each time I attempted the central divide it all went horribly wrong and I had to respray and rehighlight. 

There are a few things I'm going to add tonight. Specifically I want to add Realistic Water to the craters to turn them into puddles. I want to add a few bits of newspaper here and there to go with the trash and I'll probably add some actual leaf scatter to the debris build up at the side of the road. However, the boards are basically finished. Here they are in detail, obviously the lampposts are missing but they are done and will be added for the game tomorrow. 

Let me know what you think in the comments below. 

The Duke

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Road to Victory - Part 3

Work has progressed on the streets. 

With everything base-coated it was time to start planning my set up. I wanted to get the Harmonic Theatre to the table and I knew I wanted that to be the major feature of the build, so I designed around that. 

I also knew I wanted it to be a tight map, so a 2x2 made sense. I placed the Harmonic in one corner and decided to have roads as the other three boards, this meant I would need two straights and a corner. 

As you can see in my rough plan my design called for six street lights, three sets of railings, two sets of jersey barriers and a selection of other street furniture. My original plan with the street lamps was always to magnetise them to the boards, while I went with pegs for the railings.

A few minutes with my DeWalt and the holes were drilled. I recessed the magnets deep enough to allow for the other magnet, attached to the bottom of the lamppost to be hidden inside the board. 

The posts themselves still need work, I'm trying to achieve that mottled look of lampposts in the UK but I haven't quite got the grey right yet. 

With the boards drilled and magnetised it was time to add some paint. First I mixed Black and Dark Tone and filled in all the cracks, wiping away the excess with my finger. Then using Strong Tone and Typhus Corrosion I added some age to the flagstones. Next using a sponge I added a layer of mid grey, light grey and then finally a very dark grey until I was happy. 

Finally I added trash scatter, leaving the road area free of litter until I have added the highlights and road markings. 

I have a stencil on the way from The Troll Trader to help with the lines on the road which should come tomorrow. I'm hoping everything will be finished by Saturday in time for the game but I'm beginning to feel I'm cutting it fine!

Until next time, have fun gaming!

The Duke

Friday, 30 September 2016

The Road to Victory - Part 2

Just a quick update, I've sprayed the pavements and the plaza sections. 

It's a coat of neutral grey and then a dusting of a different neutral grey and this may be the most boring update in history. 

Obviously there are a lot of details to pick out, this is really just a base coat, from here on in I'll be working with brushes and washes so progress will naturally slow, however I'm hoping to have at least four boards done for my game next weekend. 

Until next time...

The Duke

Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Road to Victory - Part 1

Breaking Ground! As promised the roads are coming. The printed terrain I've been using for the last few years was fine, but since I started modelling all my buildings in MDF I really wanted to get some 3D texture into the roads. 

I had a look around online and the Clean Streets tiles from Tablescapes came up as the nicest solution so I put an order in in April with a local online retailer. However, since then the delivery date has shifted and shifted. Knowing I had a game coming up I looked around again and found the damage streets tiles going exceptionally cheap (60% off) so I ordered those. I'm not too keen on the heavily damaged sections for general play but the lighter ones will do for now and if the clean streets turn up I'll be able to have both damaged and undamaged sections. 

So the tile arrived today and I eagerly assembled them and set about applying the base coat. 

This is Montana Gold Black Granite which will do a lot of the work for me. After this dries it should take little more than a wash and a drybrush around the damaged areas to finish the tarmac. After that it's stencil time. 

The set also comes with 8 plaza style sections which I'll spray tomorrow or next week when I do the pavement sections on the road tiles. So far however, so good. 

Until next time, keep on painting!

The Duke

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Big Damn Heroes – Pulp City

It's been a while since I posted the Pulp City Villains so I thought it was about time the Heroes stepped up to stop them.


An abandoned alley, the perfect site for an ambush.


Tekkna holds back  to offer her much needed support, without getting caught in the crossfire.

While Ace and Wildman push on seeking Nuke and his good-for-nothing goons.

As well as the heroes you can see my newly painted Jersey Barriers from Fenris Games, and if I had positioned the camera better you might have been able to see my newly made trash bags. So here's a shot of them hanging out underneath the Harmonic Theatre fire escape instead/

I'm hoping that Pulp City will be hitting the table again in a few weeks time so you can expect to see some more terrain updates soon and hopefully some in game pics. 

Until next time, have fun gaming!

The Duke

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Just a Quick Update

Things are progressing nicely at The Blood Keep but finding time to get photographs taken has been tricky. To that end I have set up a Facebook page, allowing me to post quick WIP updates from my phone. Don't worry, if you don't use Facebook I'll still be posting full updates and tutorials here too.

So, what have I been up to? Well July was a busy month for me, clocking up a whopping 41 miniatures. 11 were from Imperial Assault, painted for Leonardofury's Birthday. There were the four turtles from the last update and the rest were from Otherworld.

I have a very geeky spreadsheet where I log my painting for specific manufacturers. According to that spreadsheet I own 401 Otherworld miniatures. My aim for July was to bring the total painted to 301, leaving just a mere hundred to go. Success was mine and hopefully over the next few weeks I can get some of the pictures up. I'm also considering finding the time to put together a shot of all 301 if people would be interested in seeing that!

So, that's it for now, I just wanted to update you guys and let you know about the FB page and my current projects.

All the best,

The Duke

P.s. Here's a sneak peek at my completed Cockatrices...