A Sorcerer and his Feline Familiar

Ok, so here is the second of the PC’s, belonging to my older-younger brother, Lodin, although I’ve nicknamed him “Switch” because of his Benign Transposition spell.


I chose a nice brown and green colour scheme because of the avatar I used for this character’s Character Sheet, however I think its paid off quite nicely.

DSC00383DSC00384Believe me, this guy knows he’s cute and he’s pissed about it. A pussy cat with a serious attitude problem, this cat is the perfect familiar for the dour dwarf spell caster. His name is Mo’Gar, which means kindred…

And now a lovely shot of the two together…

DSC00380No, that’s not an error in scale, I meant for the cat to be that big… I did! Stop looking at me like that! Would I lie? Ok, so I didn’t but I did make the cat’s back story fit. Lodin spent some time living amongst giants in Giant Country, he picked up his above-average-sized familiar there too! So ner :P

Anyway, scale criticism over, I’m really pleased with both models, they look great. Switch is Grimdalf (b) from Hasslefree, while the as yet unnamed cat is from Games Workshop and used to be included with Neferata, however that model is now only available as part of their collectors range and although the cat is pictured it is not mentioned as still being part of the blister.

Next Week Zelma the Swashbuckling Half-Elf…


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