Cave Rats

Ok, so here they are, all 8 cave rats. These guys are so small I decided the only way to make them look good was to sculpt individual scenic bases for each of them. I apologise for the quality of the pictures, they are very very small rats and its a camera phone…DSC00314

Floor boards, cartoony but nice…DSC00315Here we have a carpet corner and on the other a snail and a pile of rubble (or if you prefer, rat droppings!) DSC00316Two different types of flagstone floors.

DSC00317 And my two personal favourites, a beer keg and straw and a spilled drink on an earth floor.


And here is the entire swarm! These little guys are extras on the Games Workshop Plague Monks sprues and the bases are 20mm round bases from Hasslefree (50p for ten). Most of the bases were sculpted using procrete and various bits from the Plague Rats and Bretonian Men at Arms sprues. Not bad considering the only bits I paid for were the bases, the rest were just lying around in my bits box, this makes them the cheapest, but one of the more time consuming, models for the Sunless Citadel adventure.

Next Week I will feature Jot, the Quasit.