An Unknown Ranger

Ok, so here he is. We don’t know his name yet but he’s looking like he’ll be pretty awesome in combat. He can fight with a Longbow from distance or with his Longsword and Kukri close up.

 Games Workshop Aragorn

Games Workshop Aragorn

He was originally an Aragorn model from Games Workshop’s Heroes of Helm’s Deep set, however I did some light conversion work on him, adding a sort-of shawl, (originally supposed to a cloak until i remembered i can’t sculpt cloaks.) a water skin and a blanket and a little additional hair. Overall very happy with how the paint job turned out, although still not really as boyish as I would have like and no bow and quiver, but we can’t have everything. 

Next week I will be featuring Belak the evil druid and final boss of the Sunless Citadel, with his pet toad Kulket.