Erky Timbers

So, anybody for Gnomes? Big nose and bushy moustache, must be a Gnome… or is it?

Hasslefree HatherleyHasslefree HatherleyHasslefree HatherleyI’m really pleased with how Erky has turned out, he is Hatherley from the Hasslefree Dwarves range and that’s the only problem, he might just be a bit too tall to be a gnome… Other than that though I’m happy. I’m still experimenting with colours at the moment and I quite like the nice purple and orange flavour I got with this model and it sets him apart from the other tribes in the adventure. I also like the non-metallic helmet, really brings it to life. The only bit I’m not too sure about is the gloves, they are possibly too light-coloured.

Next week I shall bring you Durnn and his band of Hobgoblin bandits.