Painting Stuffed Fables: Piggle

And so we arrive at the last, but not the least of our heroic Stuffies. Piggle, the stuffed pig, armed with a playdough pot-lid and a babies rattle.

I deliberately left Piggle to last because I was pretty sure I was going to have trouble painting him. 

I began with a base coat that was a mix of P3 Carnal Pink and P3 Skorne Red.

Then I began to drybrush, lightening the mix with each successive layer using Carnal Pink. I was aiming to have a darker area below the shield, with the lightest area being the top of the head.

I kept going until he looking like this, I probably added some white to the mix to get the extreme highlights. I then picked out some edges, such as the ears and nose in Carnal Pink.

I applied some Red Tone to the nose and then using GW Bloodletter I picked out all the shadows. Around the eyes and the nose, the creases in the arms and legs and around the hooves. 

Mixing up some Carnal Pink and P3 Beaten Purple I laid down a base coat on the shield. The rattle was based using P3 Frostbite.

Adding some more Carnal Pink I did some highlights on the shield. The rattle was covered with a layer of white mixed with GW 'ardcoat to give it that plasticy feel.

The mouth and eyebrows were picked out in P3 Ironhull Grey and then highlighted with Frostbite. The Eyes and nostrils were picked out in black and the hooves in Ironhull Grey.

The eyes and the hooves were highlighted with a mix of Ironhull Grey and Frostbite. Then a dab of white was added to the eyes using my pointed clay shaper. The eyes were finished with a layer of 'ardcoat. The stripes on the rattle were added in using Carnal Pink and Skorne Red, then highlighted with a couple of layers of Carnal Pink (a little Skorne Red) and some 'ardcoat.

The base was finished with Beaten Purple and wet blended using Carnal Pink until I was happy with how it looked.

And that's everyone. I'm still waiting on my replacement mini for the missing final boss but everyone else is here. For more on how I painted the Stuffies, Bosses and Minions just click on the links. 

Until next time, have fun painting.

The Duke