Otherworld-ly Skeletons

So, I finally finished the skeletons, had to wait until I found a good enough brush. There are six here, although the adventure only calls for five at any one time, but they come in packs of 3… Enjoy!

DSC00396 DSC00397 DSC00398 DSC00399 DSC00400 DSC00401 DSC00403 DSC00404 DSC00406 DSC00407 DSC00408 DSC00410 These Skeletons are from Otherworld and they cost £9.00 for 3, they are worth it. This is pack one:

DSC00412 DSC00413And pack two: DSC00415 DSC00417 And a pick of all six of them playing out together!DSC00419

Each pack comes with three different weapon and shield combinations which means that there are 27 different possible poses in each pack. However all the parts are interchangeable between the packs giving you a possible 216 combinations, if my maths is right…

I am very pleased with how these guys have turned out. My only rancour is how fragile they are. I’ve dropped and repaired each one at least 3 times, but as an undead player in Warhammer I’m used to gluing bones back together. I’ve been playing undead/vampire counts for eight years now and these are the best skeletons I’ve ever painted, couldn’t be happier with them!

These skeletons and most of the Otherworld models (certainly the ones I have) are 28mm scale and fit perfectly with Hasslefree and Gw Lotr as well as eBob and a few other manufacturers. They are not the same scale as Gw Warhammer.

Next week I make a mistake…


  1. Nice paint jobs!

    They're £9 for 3 actually. :)

  2. Thanks for the correction, I'm sure they "used" to be £11, I shall correct!


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