This is my favourite model currently produced by Otherworld and,as such,I felt she deserved special attention.


She took just under six hours to complete. The figure was sculpted by Kev White from Hasslefree and she is incredible! The skin is made up of five or six layers each gently applied in a thin layer. While her clothes were built up in five layers. The snakes are four different species which all contrast and compliment her excellently. I’m ecstatically pleased with how she turned out. If only I had a camera good enough to take a descent picture of her… More on that next week!

What this model really represents though is a turning point in my painting style. Last week I produced a guide to prove that it is possible to produce great results without needing impressive skill. This model however shows what happens when you combine some of the skills I used last week with time and patience and a little (miniscule) amount of skill.