So, after two months of searching and two models later I finally have the wyrmling Calcryx finished.

 DSC00373 DSC00374 DSC00376

And here is with his Kobold keeper Meepo

Caltryx and Meepo

And for those of you who forgot, here’s a reminder of what he’ll grow into…

Fearsome no? The baby Calcryx is a Games Workshop Dragon from the “Young Dragons” blister, which is available only through their mail order. The pack contains 3 “random” dragons. These aren’t my favourite dragons, they were just the best I could find after two months of searching the internet. It seems nobody makes dragons as wyrmlings…

However, for all my complaining, he hasn’t turned out too bad and at least he is vaguely the right scale now. The colour scheme is identical to the one I used for the adult counterpart and to be fair they actually look a reasonable amount like each other.

Next week I will bring you the final monster for this campaign, the Thoqqua…