The Thoqqua

So here we have the oddest creature from the Sunless Citadel, the red hot Thoqqua. Now, I searched high and low, this creature does not exist as a miniature, in fact there is nothing that looks even remotely like it, so I took up the challenge and sculpted it myself.

This is what it should have looked like…


My Green…


And the final painted version…



So there we have it. I don't consider myself as a sculptor and when I can I stay clear of the “green stuff” completely but it hasn’t turned out too badly. I tried to stick very closely to the image from the monster manual, which caused a lot of hassle because those over-lapping scales, I sculpted them the wrong way round first! D’oh! I took the colour scheme from the image above and tried to match it as closely as I could and it’s turned out rather nicely. I think I’ll run some inks over the nose a couple of times before I declare the model finished, but it’s certainly good enough for the table top and as no other miniature exists I can declare that this is the best Thoqqua miniature in the world!

Next week we meet a Dwarf Sorcerer called Loden!