Painting Stuffed Fables: Lionel

So close to the end now... Today we're taking a look at Lionel. Lionel is not available when our other brave stuffies begin the game but can be unlocked through gameplay. 

Let's take a look at how I painted our lost lion. 

The procedure for the skin was identical to Theodora. I began with a base coat of P3 Rucksack Tan.

Then, using my drybrush I applied a layer of P3 Bloodtracker Brown below the right arm, blending into Rucksack Tan, then mixing in P3 Sulphuric Yellow until I was happy with the gradient.

I picked out the eyes in black and the nose and mouth in P3 Battlefield Brown. Some small highlights were added to the eyebrows in P3 Jack Bone.

I then mixed up some P3 Bloodtracker Brown with some Army Painter Soft Tone and washed the mane and the end of the tail. I liked the finished result so much I didn't need any more highlights.

I added a Bloodtracker Brown highlight to the nose. Picked out the teeth and claws using Jack Bone followed by P3 Menoth White Highlight. I liked the sheen on the mane from the wet wash so I added a layer of Coat d'Arms Matt Varnish, this would give the paint a shimmer without looking like plastic or glass which it would if I had used gloss varnish. Finally I added a dash of white to the eyes using my pointed Clay Shaper and varnished them with GW 'ardcoat.

The finishing touch was the patch which was painted with P3 Gnarls Green and the tartan pattern added in using P3 Khador Red. The Stitching was added in using Jack Bone. The base was done with P3 Skorne Red and then wet blended using Coat d'Arms Italian Red until I was happy. 

And that was it. Lionel was quick and easy, just 45 minutes with mostly drybrushing and washing, but he looks wonderful on the table. Join me tomorrow when I'll walk you through how I painted his pink piggy pal.

Until then, keep on painting...

The Duke