The Workbench

Welcome to the Workbench, this is an ever changing smorgasbord of images from my painting table, feel free to comment below and ask any questions about the images.


The next 2 dozen or so minis I want to work on. There’s a treant, 6 giants, 3 manticores, 4 centaurs, 3 minotaurs, 7 gnolls, a giant slug, 2 rust monsters, a dragon, 5 wolves, a Djinn, an Otyugh and maybe more. Once I get these done I can order my custom foam to keep them all safe!

My Roper




P12505551st Giant Frog

P1250558More Goblins!

A shot of my shelf with 51 freshly assembled and ready to paint Otherworld minis. P1070505

Otherworld’s massively complex Carrion Crawler!PC240485


PA070347 What’s This???

P9300314 Sparr leads his band of Goblins through the Sunless Citadel

P8080148Demon-y Goodness from the Commission…

A great big Comical Dragon from the Commission.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         A possible basing Idea for the Gith

Finished Gith Bases

P7100050Some new Otherworld models arrived!

P7100047 Including Goblins!

P7060045 Finally finished the second Rustie and don't they just look fine! I’m not sending them back! Cthulhu can just come over here and wrest them from my cold dead hands!

P6260021 And here is a sneak preview of this week’s How Not To Paint… ^

Stanley Front

Stanley back Here is Gentleman, very close to finished, if not finished. I’ve nicknamed him Stanley because of his resemblance to a certain comic book author.

P6170102More Gith included the Leader!

P6170098The Second Medieval Kid has been added the retinue for the Grave Guard.

P6170103Measels! These little fellows are part of the commission too.

P6170099The Squire for the un-armoured Knight has now been added to the Retinue. 

Hope you like!

The Duke