Painting Salt

Just a quick update today. I wanted to show you guys how I painted my latest Super Dungeon Explore mini. This guy is salt and he really only consists of two stages. 

I began with a dark blue base coat, in my case it was P3 Cygnar Base Blue. I then brushed on two highlight coats using my dry brush, P3 Arcane Blue followed by P3 Frostbite. Finally I washed it with GW Guilliman Blue. It was quite a heavy wash as I wanted it to pool in places. I then left it to dry overnight. 

Once he was dry I began on Stage 2. Stage 1 took about 10 minutes, Stage 2 would take 2 and a half hours. Using Frostbite blue I edged every crystal on his body and added detail to the eye. Other than that I added some Army Painter Blue Tone to the flesh and mixing in some Arcane Blue I added some to the eye as well. The bracelet was picked out with P3 Jack Bone and washed with gold mixed with GW Lamenters Yellow.

To finish him off I painted the flesh with Coat d'Arms Matt Varnish and added some Gloss Varnish to the eye, along with a couple of white dots for light reflection. And that's it, super simple formula but wonderfully impressive result!

Until next time, keep on painting!

The Duke