Workbench - March 2018

Hey chaps so here's some stuff I've been working on the last couple of weeks...

Super Dungeon Explore

Most of this month has been dedicated to finishing Super Dungeon Explore. From a total of 173 minis I have just 30 remaining on the docket. I decided I would try and finish the two outstanding expansion boxes, The Mistmourn Coast and The Emerald Valley.

The Mistmourn Coast

I had already finished the Salt Pillar spawn point and the Mistmourn Shaman from this expansion, so that just left the Tribal Stone spawn point and the troll warriors.

They turned out to take a lot longer than I had intended, probably in the region of 15 hours for all 5 but I think they turned out pretty good in the end. 

Secondly I needed to finish Salt, who is the mini boss for this expansion. Salt is an entity composed entire of crystal, here's the finished result.

I was dreading painting him but I have to say, he has turned out to be one of my favourite SDE minis to date.

The Emerald Valley

I had painted very little from the Emerald Valley expansion, just one Truffle Pig and 4 Kinoshrooms. The box contains 2 identical spawn points, The Fungal Growths. So I decided I would create two very different paint schemes for them. 

The first scheme used primary colours and drew most of it's inspiration from the artwork on the cards. 

While the second point was darker in tone, perhaps representing creatures from deeper in the Fae Woods.

I think both turned out reasonably well although I am not a fan of the truffle pig models. I do like how the eerie glow turned out on the dark spawn point though!

The set also comes with a new hero in the Silver Chevalier and a new mini boss in Glimmerwing. 

I think these both turned out okay. I was trying out something new with Glimmerwing, the pink of his wings was mixed with Windsor and Newton's Iridescent Medium to create a shimmering sparkle. My friend Dave has also suggested that maybe I re-base the entire SDE collection clear bases, which I like because it allows you to see the boards underneath, so I tried it out with Glimmerwing, what do you guys think?

Candy & Cola

Finally for SDE this month I also painted Brave Mode Candy and Never Lost Cola. This pair is somewhat of a mascot for Soda Pop Miniatures and has appeared in a variety of guises throughout their games. 

Really happy with Candy's eyes and hair and with how the freehand came out on Cola's bottle cap compass. 

Stuffed Fables 

I also finished painting Stuffed Fables and posted a variety of articles on how I painted each mini.

And that's it for this month. I'll be pushing forward with more SDE next month, hoping to bring the total down into the teens by the end of March.

Until then, keep on painting, 

The Duke