Tank Museum Billboard

So a while back my friend Dave who runs Leonardofury's Hobby Blog asked me to apply some digital weathering effects to a billboard he had designed for Flames of War. Here's what I came up with.

So I took Dave's original design and updated the fonts using some authentic 1940's style fonts. For the background I used a paper texture and then applied a subtle grid over the top to imply that the board was made from several sheets. 

Once I had the basic design down I began playing with the formula.

Here I've added a sepia tint and some weathering in a mid brown.

Here I just added some grey weathering which has the effect of making the board look a little creased.

The next logical step was to apply some bullet holes, after all it's a war game!

This is my favourite of the bunch and naturally it took the longest. Here I've obliterated much of the original design and added in a peeling corner.

This one was largely just for fun but I really like how it turned out.

Finally I did one with some subtle, light grey weathering and some blood splatter and bullet holes. 

I hope you guys like them, I had a lot of fun putting them together and feel free to use them in your own games if you want. 

Until next time, keep on painting...

The Duke