Painting Stuffed Fables: Theodora

With the minions and bosses done we turn our attention to the heroes of our story, The Stuffies.

We start with Theodora, the heart and soul of our little band of cotton-tailed heroes. This stuffed bear has the courage of a lion and a temper to match.

So to begin I did a base coat of P3 Rucksack Tan

Once that was dry I drybrushed the model. I used P3 Bloodtracker Brown on the area below the outstretched arm, blending that into Rucksack Tan, then adding P3 Sulfuric Yellow to the tan as I drybrushed the other arm and the top of the head. The final coat was pure Sulfuric Yellow. Each layer is done with the lightest trace of paint on the brush and blending with the previous layer to create a single gradated look. 

Using some P3 Jack Bone mixed with Rucksack Tan I highlighted the eyebrows, ears and hands of the model. 

Then I added some shading using Army Painter soft tone. I applied the wash to all the creases and around the belt and scarf, inside the ears and around the eyes. The aim here was to pick out specific shadows rather than wash the entire model as I might usually. 

Theodora's muzzle was then picked out using Jack Bone. Then using P3 Battlefield Brown I picked out the nose and mouth and the handle of the letter opener. The Belt was picked out using Sulfuric Yellow and Rucksack Tan and then a second highlight of Sulfuric Yellow. Eyes were done with black.

Using P3 Beaten Purple I based her scarf. P3 Menoth White Base was used to pick out the edges of the scabbard and the letter opener and the stitching was picked out in Battlefield Brown. 

The scarf was highlighted with Beaten Purple mixed with P3 Frostbite, washed with Army Painter Purple tone and then highlighted again. The scabbard was given a coat of P3 Bloodtracker Brown, with some soft tone for shading around the sides.

Just a few final touches, the heart on her chest was done with P3 Skorne Red, highlighted with P3 Khador Red. The eyes received a dash of white and a coat of GW 'ardcoat and the letter opener was washed with silver and GW Lahmian Medium, highlighted with white and Lahmian Medium. 

The base was painted with Frostbite and then wet blended using white and plenty of Lahmian Medium until I was happy with the results. Now Theodora just needs some other stuffies to lead!

Until next time, keep on painting. 

The Duke