Painting Stuffed Fables: Stitch

Stitch is a crotchety old sock puppet, passed down from generation to generation. He is the groups lore master, there is little he hasn't seen in his long life time. 

Stitch is probably the most complicated to paint of the stuffies, being composed of patches and old socks. Let's take a look at how I approached him. 

I began with a base coat of P3 Jack Bone washed with Army Painter Soft Tone.

I started by picking out the belly, the bottom of the face, the left arm and right leg using Jack Bone.

I mixed in some P3 Menoth White Base and highlighted the Jack Bone sections. Then using P3 Rucksack Tan I picked out the pencil and added stripes to the socks. Then using P3 Sulfuric Yellow I highlighted the stripes and the edges of the pencil. 

The end of the pencil was picked out in P3 Beast Hide, while the lead was done with P3 Ironhull Grey. The rubber was base coated with a mix of P3 Skorne Red and P3 Carnal Pink. Mixing in more Carnal Pink I added some highlights. Finally I took a small piece of sponge and dabbed in some pure Carnal Pink highlights.

Using Rucksack Tan I picked out some more areas, then mixing in some Sulfuric Yellow I highlighted them.

For the left leg I mixed some P3 Battlefield Brown with some Army Painter Strong Tone and simply applied the wash, then i picked out the patches using P3 Bloodstone. 

I added in the monacle using P3 Frostbite, highlighted the edge with white. The cloak was done using a base of P3 Skorne Red and a highlight of P3 Khador Red.

His hat was drybrushed with Jack Bone, with some more specific highlights painted in Jack Bone afterwards. The buttons were picked out in a variety of colours. The belts were done with Bloodstone and the pouch with Beast Hide.

To finish up the model I washed and highlighted the buttons and picked out the stitching in Menoth White Highlight. The base was a mix of Rucksack Tan and Sulphuric Yellow, wet blended until I was happy with the result. 

And that's it. There's a lot of sections to Stitch which can lead to a disjointed final result but I think he comes together well with the yellows and browns working well together.

Just two Stuffies to go! Until next time, have fun painting.

The Duke