Painting Stuffed Fables: The Snatcher

The Snatcher is the biggest model in Plaid Hat Games' Stuffed Fables, a giant robot with multiple arms, all the better for grabbing stuffies with. This is a reasonably simple paint job which largely consists of washes and drybrushing.

So, without further ado, let's get started. 

I began with a base coat of GW Iyanden Darksun.

Then I drybrushed the whole model with P3 Jack Bone, Menoth White Base & Menoth White Highlight.

Once that was dry I washed the whole thing with a mix of gold and Army Painter Soft Tone. 

I then highlighted the rivets and all the edges of the metal using Jack Bone.

Using P3 Greatcoat Grey I added in the body and head.

Then the hands, collar and top of the head were washed with GW Lamenters Yellow and the arms with some more Soft Tone.

Using P3 Ironhull Grey and P3 Frostbite I did some blending to highlight the head and body, leaving the lower portions dark and lightening the mix towards the top. The lenses were base coated with black, followed by Ironhull grey.

I then picked out the light reflection on the lenses with some white and added some Ardcoat over the top for extra sheen. Then using Typhus Corrosion I added some patches of oil around the joints. 

Finally I added some rust around the shoulders and legs using Forgeworld Aged Rust & Light Rust. I highlighted the rust patches using a mix of Coat d'Arms Italian Red and Cygnus Yellow. The whole thing was sealed using Testor's Dullcoat to stop the weathering powders spreading to other items during play.

And so that's it. Nice and simple but hopefully effective paint job largely just using washes and drybrushing. Until next time, keep on painting...

The Duke