Painting Stuffed Fables: Skreela

Skreela is a creepy looking character, having the look of a lost child or a broken doll but with the smile of a funhouse clown. 

I veered away a little from the card art on this one, opting for a pinker version, instead of the more pallid version in the art. I also must apologise, my camera appears to have some condensation in it for the first couple of shots, so they are a bit blurry, hopefully you can still get where I was going with this though.

I began with a base coat of P3 Thrall Flesh.

Then using Army Painter Purple Tone I picked out the flesh.  

While the wash was still wet I added in some Thrall Flesh into the Purple Tone and applied it to the model. 

Adding more Thrall Flesh to highlight up.

Then adding some more Purple tone to the mix to drop the colour back down and applying that wash around the eyes and the mouth to flatten out the shadows.

With the flesh done I added in the dress. The collar is P3 Frostbite, while the dress itself was done with a mix of P3 Khador Red, P3 Carnal Pink and P3 Thrall Flesh. The eyes were picked out using P3 Jack Bone and then P3 Menoth White Base. 

Adding more Thrall Flesh to the mix I added some highlights to the pink. I did several successive highlights (adding white for the final stage) until I was happy with the final result. 

The collar was highlighted using Frostbite mixed with White and then a final highlight of white with some GW Lahmian Medium mixed in to soften it. 

The hair was simply washed using a mix of Strong Tone and Black. I didn't feel the need to highlight it further.

Then using some Forgeworld weathering powders I added some dirt to the lower parts of her dress and a few clumps around her collar. I sealed the model using a blast of Testors Dullcoat to stop the powders from spreading during play.

And this was the finished result. The base was done with P3 Beaten Purple and then wet blended until I was happy using Frostbite.

And here they all are together, Knuckle, Snatcher, The Dollmaker and Skreela. My set was actually missing the final boss but hopefully when the replacement arrives I'll get a picture of him up too. Next up, Stuffies

Until then, have fun painting.

The Duke


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    1. Thanks Simon... Fortunately the Heroes are coming to save us from her!

  2. Hey hey again
    Did you get your crepitus yet?
    Im kindda waiting to see how you have painted it

    1. Hi Lena, yep he turned up a couple of weeks ago (took about 9 weeks for him to arrive!) but other things jumped in the queue and I haven't gotten back around to Stuffed Fables yet.


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