Painting Stuffed Fables: Knuckle

Knuckle is a green stuffed gorilla with an attitude problem and a meat cleaver. I'm going to attempt to talk you guys through my painting process with our simien friend here however I did a lot of wet blending which is not easy to show in pictures, especially as you need to keep the paint wet so stopping to take photos at any stage was tricky. 

Anyway enough preamble let's take a look at how I started. 

I began with a base of GW Knarloc Green and then while that coat was still drying I began to mix in some P3 Gnarls Green. 

Working quickly and with broad strokes I wet blended using P3 Iosan Green. The aim here is keep the dark tones towards the feet and highlight up towards the shoulders. With wet blending I am essentially mixing the paints on the model, attempting to create a gradient paint job that blends seamlessly across the whole model.

I added more Iosan Green to the belly and then began to blend in some P3 Necrotite Green.

I kept adding Necrotite green and blending up but there was too much Gnarls Green in the mix so I decided to stop and let the layer dry. 

When I came back I started a new layer of blending, just on the stomach and face. This time I decided I would use some Coat d'Arms Jade Green. Mixing into that some P3 Frostbite for highlights and Iosan Green for the shadows.  

I also added the Jade Green to the fists. Then, taking my drybrush I attacked the shoulders and the top of the head with some Iosan Green to really bring some soft but extreme highlights to those upper edges. When I was done I used some more Jade Green with my dry brush to blend the fists into the rest of the green.

While all that dried I added in the mask and the handle on the cleaver in P3 Bloodstone. 

Next I added in the eyes using my handy dandy pointed clay shaper, using black and a dash of white. The stuffing was added using Frostbite highlighted with white. The stitches were added in in black and some extra freehand was done to match the card art.  

The blade on the cleaver involved yet more wet blending as I used P3 Ironhull Grey and P3 Frostbite with some white for the extreme highlights. 

The mask was highlighted using Coat d'Arms Italian Red and Bloodstone, followed by an edge highlight of Italian Red and P3 Cygnus Yellow.

Here I've added some Forgeworld Aged Rust and Light Rust to the chopper. 

I added some final highlights to the fingers and eye brows using Jade Green and Frostbite. The base was finished using a mix of Beaten Purple and Frostbite and voila...

Next time we'll be taking a look at the biggest model in the set, Snatcher. Until then have fun painting!

The Duke