Painting Stuffed Fables: Flops

Continuing with our series of Painting Stuffed Fables we arrive at Flops. Flops is the archer of the group, her inquisitive nature often lands her in trouble, but her quick thinking and nimble form allows her to bounce out of harm's way more often than not. 

Today we'll be taking a quick look at how I painted Flops. 

I began with a base coat of P3 Jack Bone and then washed it with Army Painter Soft Tone. 

I picked out the stomach and nose in Jack Bone and then used P3 Rucksack Tan for the rest of the fur. Mixing in some Jack Bone to the Tan I dry brushed in some highlights. The quiver was painted using P3 Trollblood Base, while the eyepatch had a little extra green mixed in. 

Adding some P3 Menoth White Base to some Jack Bone I picked out some highlights on the stomach and the nose.

Using P3 Beast Hide I picked out the eyebrows and the stitching across Flops' head. The eyes were adding in using P3 Gnarls Green. The other eyebrow was picked out using Trollblood Base mixed with P3 Frostbite. And the nose was added in using P3 Carnal Pink. 

Jack Bone was used to paint the arrow shafts. The fletching was based with P3 Sanguine Base and then picked out using P3 Skorne Red. Black was mixed with Army Painter Dark Tone and then washed over the sucker. 

Trollblood Base was mixed with Frostbite and then gentle highlights were applied to the quiver and strap. The tail was painted in pure Frostbite. 

Using a wash of P3 Bloodtracker Brown and Army Painter Strong Tone I shaded the bow. Using P3 Khador Red to pick out the elastic bands. Using my pointed clay shaper I added a dash of white to each eye and then a coat of GW 'ardcoat.

Finally I added some stippled highlights in white to his little cotton tail. The base was done using P3 Iosan Green wet blended with Frostbite until I was happy.

And that's it. Flops has joined the gang. Check back tomorrow as we take a look at how I painted Stitch

Until then, have fun painting...

The Duke