Painting Stuffed Fables: The Dollmaker

"Aha!" Cried the insidious Dollmaker "It's alive! It's alive!" He shrieked as his creation lumbered to life. So Today we're taking a look at how I painted the Dollmaker boss from Stuffed Fables as part of our ongoing series. 

Much like when I painted Knuckle there is a lot of wet blending on this model and not an inconsiderate amount of trial and error. But enough excuses let's get started. I began with a base coat of P3 Frostbite.

Then I picked out the flesh, shoes, goggles and gloves. The flesh is P3 Ryn Flesh, the shoe and goggles are P3 Bloodstone and the gloves are P3 Iosan Green mixed with Army Painter Green Tone.

Wanting to give the model a more cartoony look I used P3 Carnal Pink to highlight the flesh, adding in some white for the second highlight. 

White was also used to paint the individual hair strands on the Dollmakers head...

Before washing it with a mix of GW Lahmian Medium and Frostbite, working up to a mix of Lahmian Medium and White towards the tips. 

Next I began what would turn out to be a long process of wet blending. I began with some Ironhull Grey and Lahmian Medium. Here I was wanting to define some shadows but I knew I would want to lighten them at a later stage.

More coats of various greys, blue greys and whites, with lots of medium later...

... and more white... Then I let it dry...

Here I'm picking out the straps and buckles in pure white before deciding I need more shading...

So once again I washed the front of the model, this time with Frostbite, heavily diluted with Lahmian Medium. 

After I let that dry I added in some more highlights in white, diluted with Lahmian Medium to the buckles and straps, adding highlights in Frostbite everywhere else. 

Using a mix of Ironhull Grey and Frostbite I highlighted the pants, mixing in more and more Frostbite for successive highlights.

Next up were the goggles. I added some black with some dark tone to the lenses and then set about highlighting the frames. I used P3 Bloodstone and P3 Beast Hide as a highlight, doing three highlights, lightening the mix each time with more Beast Hide.

I added some Ironhull Grey to the lenses follow by a dash of white and some GW 'ardcoat to give them a glossy finish. The gloves were then washed with some P3 Ordic Olive and I used P3 Jack Bone mixed in to the Ordic Olive to highlight up and pick out the fingers. 

The final touch was the needle which was just Ironhull Grey and highlighted with silver. The base, as with the other bases, was just a mix of P3 Beaten Purple and Frostbite wet blended until I was happy. 

And that's it, one more boss to go and then it's time to look at the Stuffies! Until next time, keep on painting!

The Duke