Painting Stuffed Fables: Dark Hearts

In Stuffed Fables your Stuffies will come across many a nightmarish toy and in this session we're going to be looking at the heartless sock bunnies, Dark Hearts. As these models are largely made from discarded socks I wanted to add a lot of variety so each has a slightly different paint scheme but I'm going to walk you step by step through how I painted the leader. 

I started off with a base coat of GW Knarloc Green and then washed it with Army Painter Green Tone.

Next up I added some P3 Frostbite to the exposed stuffing in the Dark Heart's chest.

This mini is made up of lots of patches and socks and so I wanted to use lots of different colours but I also wanted to have some consistency to the look of the finished mini. To that end I always used the same colour to mix and lighten/highlight each patch, P3 Frostbite. So the first patch was painted using Coat d'Arms Jade Green mixed with larger and larger amounts of Frostbite to do successive highlights. 

Here I used P3 Bloodtracker Brown and highlighted up with the usual Frostbite. 

For the socks in this pic I used P3 Cygnus Yellow (and Frostbite) followed by stripes in Jade Green.

For the final patch I used Necrotite Green once again with Frostbite mixed in for highlights.

Here I've added some white to the stuffing using the fine point of my brush to just pick out the top areas. I also mixed some white and GW Lahmian Medium to add some layers of highlights to the white sock.  

Using Skorn Red I added a toe to the sock and then taking my trusty pointed clay shaper I added red dots too. 

For the head I used P3 Ordic Olive mixed with the usual highlight. 

For detailing I added the mouth back in black. Used P3 Beaten Purple with lots of Frostbite for the button and a mixture of different greens for the socks. 

The final stage was the stitching which was added in P3 Jack Bone. 

And that's it. I experimented with different configurations and had a lot of fun creating a variety of interesting sock patterns. Still the group looks and feel coherent without the need to be all the same. 

Next up, Mongrels! Until next time, keep on painting. 

The Duke


  1. Hello .
    Just Got the game Today and Played it tonight.
    Alot of fun!!!
    But now...I need to start paiting them.
    Whats the name of the brand of paint you use?

    1. Hi Lena,

      I use several brands I'm afraid. Each paint is reference by name in the article above with the brand next to it. P3 is Formula P3 from Privateer Press and can be tricky to track down but I largely use their colours. GW is games workshop or citadel hobby, I use a lot of their technical paints. Army Painter is Army Painter and I exclusively use their washes and I also use a couple of colours from Coat d'Arms.

    2. Might be hard to get here in little Denmark.
      Im using citadel atm for warhammer figures.
      Have you done Something to prepare the figures?

    3. Hi Lena,

      I don't use any primer but it's largely due to laziness and I know other painted do. Some of the models didn't take paint well without a primer so I used Citadel Base colours which are formulated differently to give good coverage over all different types of plastics.


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