Painting Stuffed Fables: Crawlies

Stuffed Fables is a fantasy adventure game where players take on the roles of stuffed toys defending a young girl from the nightmare creations of Crepitus. In this series of articles I will be showing you how I painted the various models in the set.

First up we have the Crawlies.
These are pretty darn creepy and painting them doesn't make them any less so. The Crawlies are hermit crab like creatures which have taken up residence in a discarded dolls head. 

I started out by painting the main body with P3 Bloodstone, a reddish brown which will form the base coat to the eventually more orange look I'm going for. 

Next I mixed up some Bloodstone with some Italian Red from Coat d'Arms and applied that to all the surfaces. 

Adding in some more Italian Red I did a second highlight coat. 

Finally I mixed some Italian Red with some P3 Cygnus Yellow and added some fine outlines to all the edges of the model, including the rivets and the bases of the eye stalks.

The eyestalks were then painted with some more Cygnus Yellow and while it was still wet hit with a dash of P3 Menoth White Highlight to give the effect of an internal incandescence. 

Next I began work on the dolls head. I took some P3 Carnal Pink and P3 Sanguine Base and mixed up a base coat. It was probably a little too dark and in subsequent models I have adjusted the mix for a lighter finish to the shadows. 

Adding in some more Carnal Pink to the mix I added highlights. 

Next I mixed up some Carnal Pink, a dash of P3 Skorne Red and some GW Ardcoat. Mixing in the gloss varnish at this stage will give me a plasticy look to the finished result while also acting as  medium to thin the paint allowing me to blend the highlights more effectively. 

Adding some more Carnal Pink I added a second highlight coat to really smooth out the look of the face.

Here I'm correcting the deep shadows around the mouth by adding a little Skorne Red back into the mix and reducing the shading,

Adding some White to the Carnal Pink/Ardcoat mix I added some final highlights to the head. 

For the finishing touches, I added in the eye and added cracks around the empty socket.

For the hair on the doll I used P3 Battlefield Brown and washed it with Army Painter Dark Tone. I didn't bother with any highlight here, the base and wash worked perfectly well for the look I was going for.  

I closed out the model by dabbing some more Ardcoat over the eye and onto the eyestalks too. 

I still need to make some decisions about basing however I'm pretty happy with how these turned out. Next up, Dark Hearts but until next time, have fun painting...

The Duke


  1. Probably a dumb question but when you say the following:
    "Next I mixed up some Bloodstone with some Italian Red from Coat d'Arms and applied that to all the surfaces."

    Do you mean you add another normal, full coat of paint over the previous coat or are you dry brushing the second color over the first??

    Also, right after that you say you did a highlight coat. Is THAT a dry brush coat or was that also a normal, full coat?

    I'm following your pages to paint my minis for this game so just trying to understand your wording. Thanks!


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