Workbench - January 2018

It's been a while since I posted a workbench post, so here's a little sample of what's been going on. 

TMNT + Modern Stuff

First up we have Splinter, pretty sure I posted him already but here's a better shot. You can also see I finally found some cameras for the Harmonic Theater entrances. The cameras are from TTCombat, while Splinter can be found at Greebo Games.

Next up we have April O'Neil, who you can pick up from Hasslefree miniatures. She was a joy to paint (as is all Kev's work.) You can also see the wonderful pallets from Warsenal and some gas canisters from Fenris Games.

Next we have the finished version of the rooftop den on the Harmonic. This is our projectionists chill out spot. The gloss varnish on the umbrella is still wet in this photo. The couch is from TTCombat and the umbrella from Fenris. 

Next up we have the new streets, lots more pictures on these suburban streets can be found in the Road to Victory articles. The car in the foreground is from Antenocitis Workshop and I have a bunch more of them on order, I like it that much.

Next up we have Shredder and Karai, this villainous duo came out really well. Shredder is the Green Emperor from Pulp City and Karai is Yangjing from Bushido The Game.

Imperial Assault

Over Christmas I finally finished painting every Imperial Assault miniature I own. That's a whopping 119 miniatures. Here's a few of my favourites that I finished over the holidays. 

General Weiss

Lando Calrissian

Agent Blaise

Super Dungeon Explore

SDE has not been feeling the love from me lately, which is a shame because I love how the models look when they are done, but finding the motivation to paint them has been tricky. 

I tried to ease myself back in with some little shrooms. 

And here's Jack Scarecrow, who I actually finished around Halloween... and he looks awesome.

Right, that's it for now, I should probably get back to the painting table. Until next time, have fun painting. 

The Duke