Road to Victory - Part 7

I've added the finishing touches to the next two road segments. My trees arrived from Antenocitis Workshop. Originally I intended to magnetise these but it quickly became apparent that that wasn't going to work. The trees were simply too heavy for the 3mm magnets. So, I knocked the magnets out of the board and enlarged the holes.

The trees themselves are armateurs where you glue the foliage on yourself. More time consuming, yes, but ultimately it gives you a more unique look. I think I probably still need to give the trunks a quick drybrush and a wash but they look okay for now.

I also picked up a resin vehicle from Antenocitis' new moderns range, mostly to see how they look and I have to say I think I like them. I wasn't sure if I was going to like them but now it's finished and added to the board I think it fits right in.

So that's two more boards down, next I'm planning to tackle some of the plaza style boards. I'm aiming to create a depot style look with a chain link fence and lots of scatter. But more on that soon.

Until then, have fun painting. 

The Duke