Road to Victory - Part 6

Let's begin todays update with a public service announcement. If you pour clear liquid resin over PVA glue which has not yet finished drying, this happens...


So, after I fixed that mistake by adding more pva and reflocking with my earth mix I moved on to the next task... drilling. Now, for these tiles I've drilled 5 holes. One in the pavement for a lamp post, the others in the grass verges for trees. I'm using 3mm magnets, so I drilled a 3mm hole, filled it with grey stuff and pushed my magnets in, ensuring to use one of my lampposts that's already magnetised to check the polarity. 

Using the same sized magnets on all my accessories allows me to chop and change the look of the boards. With the magnets in it was time for the final step... litter. 

Here you can see my newspapers, crisp packets, drink cans and other detritus. This really gives the boards that lived in look. And here's the two of them together...

The final step will be to add trees, however I'm still waiting on the armatures and foliage to arrive. Pretty happy with how this has turned out though. What do you guys think?

Until next time, keep on painting. 

The Duke