Workbench - September 28/9/17

Sorry for the prolonged absence. I basically took last month off from hobbying so I had little to share. However I've been back at the painting table for the last few weeks so hopefully I've got something interesting to show for it. 

Firstly, what did I do with my month off? Well, naturally I didn't stop doing stuff entirely. I actually got pretty excited about my Battlesystems terrain turning up and so I broke out my previous sets and penned them. What that means is that instead of having the grey cardboard along the edges of all the terrain, I've coloured it to match the printed sides using artist pens and paint pens. The results are a more 3D look and feel as you can see with my Dungeon Terrain here:

So when my new sci-fi sets turned up I did the same. It's a time consuming process but it really adds depth to the terrain, especially as I will be using it for close up photography. Here's the first build I did with the new Sci Fi Terrain. 

It's a multilayered set up but you can access all the internal areas by lifting off the top sections. 

Some of the room items I used are from the old sci fi sets which are no longer available but if you have the old sets you can see that most of the items will still be compatible with the new sets. 

As for actual painting, well I've been working on some Pulp City stuff to go with my new terrain. I have an idea for a mini campaign which will involve a science lab and some wacky time travel nonsense. So, here's what I've painted so far this month.


A would-be Captain America doing a super hero landing. This was a nice mini to paint, I think maybe I need to clean up the lines on the shield but you can't tell on the tabletop. 

Next up is Professor Hammer, leader of the Red Republik and Spybreaker's nemesis. I'm really happy with how he turned out, my favourite part being the camo style patterning on his trenchcoat which you might just be able to make out in this picture. 

Finally we have Bug Out, another member of the Supreme Alliance, he's pretty small and he has a gloss varnish coat on his beetle which makes him tricky to photograph, but hopefully you can see what I was aiming for here. 

To finish we have a few workbench shots to share of other projects that are on going. These are largely from before I slowed down in August. For Imperial Assault we have a Dewback Rider, A Rancor and the heroes from the Jabbas Realm expansion.

And for TMNT I have Splinter and April. Splinter is from Greebo and April from Hasslefree. I'll try and do proper photos of both at some point in the future. 

And that's you guys all caught up. Not bad considering it's been a slow month! ;)

Keep on Painting

The Duke


  1. The terrain looks excellent and superb work on the Pulp City minis. :)


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