Workbench: July 25/07/17

So July went by really fast! I took three weeks off work to really concentrate on getting my real world life in order and of course, painting some beautiful minis. Here's what I managed to get done:

First up we have some Imperial Assault minis. Not super high quality but they take paint well and scrub up good. These Gamorrean Guards were completed mostly with washes and a little drybrushing but I like em.  

Imperial Assault Jabbas Realm

I hate painting stormtroops. White takes a long time to do and I always find the paint is clumpy and doesn't give the smooth look of their armour. However, if you're going to paint Star Wars you need Stormtroopers. 

Imperial Assault Jabbas Realm Jet Troopers

Finally we have the Weequay Pirates, which were again, mostly done with washes, with some extra attention on their faces and striped pants. 

Imperial Assault Jabbas Realm Weequay Pirates

And here's a close up of the desert bases I've been doing for these guys. If any one is interested in the materials used I'll put together a tutorial, just let me know in the comments.

My second project this month was to finish up some more Super Dungeon Explore, this time my focus was on the undead. I have to say, Chibi Undead are super cute!

Super Dungeon Explore Dragonblade

Here we have one of two heroes I finished this month, the seemingly overpowered Dragonblade.

Super Dungeon Explore Dragonblade vs Stilt Town Zombies

The Zombies themselves were nice and quick to paint, done over two nights. I particularly like the shading in the eye recesses and the gloss varnish around their teeth and mouths. Adding a touch of varnish in strategic places really makes these guys pop. 

Super Dungeon Explore Stilt Town Zombies

Here we have Survivor Marie-Claude, the second hero of the month. I'm really happy with how she turned out, especially her eyes and hair. 

Super Dungeon Explore Survivor Marie-Claude

And she is fighting the Pudge Zombies, elite bruisers with lots of large areas for blending colours. I like these guys a lot. 

Super Dungeon Explore Pudge Zombie

This is Gruesome George, the mini boss that comes with the Stilt Town Zombies. He reminds me of an american footballer crossed with Frankenstein. This model was actually a really simple paint job, just some washes and highlights, he was finished at 6am during one of my many sleepless nights!

Super Dungeon Explore Gruesome George

The final villains from the set are the Prowler Zombies and Shamble Priest. I wasn't sure at first about the striped pants but in the end I think they work. 

Super Dungeon Explore Prowler Zombies & Shamble Priest

Super Dungeon Explore Prowler Zombies & Shamble Priest

Super Dungeon Explore Prowler Zombies & Shamble Priest

I'm particularly happy with the freehand on the playing card in the hat band! 

Super Dungeon Explore Prowler Zombies & Shamble Priest

And the last one is a crappy shot from the workbench but here we have the undead rabbit Mr Bitey. 

Super Dungeon Explore Mr Bitey

Lots of blending you can't see here. Mr Bitey is a little big for my liking compared to the other pet models and somehow, rather more gruesome than the other undead. 

Other than that I ordered and customised lots of lovely Feldherr trays for my minis and I've got lots more Super Dungeon Explore on the painting table. Until next time, have fun painting!


  1. Stunning and yes please for the tutorial as I love the scorched earth look.

    1. Thanks Michael. I'll attempt to get the tutorial up in the next week or so.

  2. Absolutely lovely work, love the super smooth finish. :) Kudos. :)

    1. Thanks Leon. The models are nice and smooth which helps with the finish, but also keeping my paints thin and wet is essential.

  3. You've just blown me away with this galery of near perfect painted miniatures.
    Really, fabulous work.


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