Workbench June 16/06/17

Hey guys and girls it's been a busy month and painting has taken a little bit of back seat to work as of late. However summer is rolling around again and soon I'll be taking some time off to catch up on hobby projects. Until then here's some bits and pieces from the workbench.

The TMNT: Shadows of the Past project continues with more ninjas and the huge Foot Bruisers being added to the pile. The Ninjas are GW Haradrim while each of the Bruisers came from GCT Studio's Bushido line. You'll also see Alopex hiding in there too, she is the arctic fox and is also available from GCT.

I've still not managed to take some photos of the gunners and brawlers but here you can see a game in action and I have to say, it looks pretty sweet (and it plays great!)

The Ninjas, because they are from LOTR are a little small when compared to the Turtles and the Bushido minis which are 32mm not 28mm but I think I'll get over it once they are on the table.

(Size comparison)

I've also done some more board game components. Here's three of the five models from Adrenaline, a first person shooter turned into a board game!

And some zombies for Run Fight or Die. 

Anyone recognise the celebrity in the front row? Obviously these zombies are all the same two sculpts but I've tried to add some flavour to them without spending more than 30 minutes on each one (there's sixty to paint!)

That's it for this month, hopefully more coming soon. Until next time, keep on painting!

The Duke 


  1. Such brilliant work and great to see that Ginger Spice has let herself go. ;)

  2. Brilliant use of these GW and GCT models, despite the size difference they absolutely don't use our of place among your modern terrain.

    I hadn't heard of Adrenaline before, the miniatures look amazing. Both in sculpt and painted.

    Good luck painting all these zombies 😊.

    1. Thanks Wouter. The minis for Adrenaline are okay, they are 3D printed so they certainly aren't miniature game quality but they should look good on the table once they're done. I can't decide how to base them though...


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