Workbench - May

It's been a productive month since we last spoke. I've largely been working on one project, Super Dungeon Explore 3D but it's all but finished now and I have to say it's looking great!

Lots of new details added here, some from Fenris Games (like the Giant Mushrooms and the Pillars), some from Zealot Miniatures (the smaller mushrooms) some from Debris of War (The stone walls) and some preprinted terrain from the chaps over at Battlesystems. Everything else is scratch built by me from readily available materials. 

Finally here's my next project! 

Imperial Assault! I am just 8 models away from having every Star Wars model I own painted and ready for play. Eight! I've never been this close to finishing everything so I'm challenging myself to finish the 8 remaining models before the expansion I ordered yesterday arrives! 87 down and I can see the finish line. 

Until next time, keep on painting!

The Duke


  1. These additions give a whole new dimension and feel to the board.
    Beautiful work!


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