Workbench: April 21/04/17

Just time for a quick post today. As well as SDE I've been working on a couple of other side projects, one of which has been miniatures for IDW's TMNT: Shadows of the Past board game. The game is the brainchild of Kevin Wilson and it's pretty cool even if it does have production quality issues. One of those issues though is the miniatures which are "meh" at best. The worst part however is the scale, which isn't 28mm or even 32mm which has meant I've had to replace every model in the base set to make it look vaguely good on the table. 

The upside of that is that I have had the chance to paint lots of minis from a lot of different and varied manufactures. Anyway, enough with the preamble, let's get to the pictures. As the title suggests most of these are shots from my workbench in poor lighting but I have a couple with actual sets. 

First up we have the legendary Casey Jones. This guy hails from Pulp City originally but he fits just fine here too. I thought originally he might be a little tall as Pulp City is 32mm but I have ended using models from both 28mm & 32mm so it shouldn't be so obvious. Really happy with how Casey turned out, as with most of the models in this set I've been painting heavily with washes and thinned down paints to give subtle shades and highlights for a more realistic tone. 

Casey opponent here is one of the five "Gunner" models. This one is Isseki from Hasslefree who provided a lot of the models I needed to complete the project. Overall I'm pretty happy with him, although the finish on his coat is one of my favorite details.

Next up we have the mutant Arctic fox, trained by Shredder himself, Alopex. I found this model over at Bushido and I'm pretty impressed with her. If anything the metal feels a little softer than I'm used to and I've dropped the mini about half a dozen times so far. Still, I like her enough to order the minis I need for the Bruisers and Elites from Bushido as well. 

Old Hob is yet another mutant, alley cat turned street thug he runs a large criminal gang with ruthless intent. For Hob we return to Pulp City and look to the new Cold War range. 

The game calls for a series of gang members so I couldn't help but add the two most famous street punks in their human form... Bebop...

...and Rocksteady! Both of these guys are Hasslefree, one is Joe, the other Mordakai and they were both truly a joy to paint. 

The rest of the gangers are also a mix of Hasslefree models.

Lots of cool details here that probably can't be seen all that well. The camo on Jo's pants or the worn knees on the jeans for example. Finally we have another thug brawler called William!

Really happy with this one guys, I spent about 40 minutes just on his face and hair. This sculpt is fantastic and a real testament to Kev White's skill, even if my phone pictures don't do him justice.

Right that's about it for this month but rest assured I'll be back soon with more minis!

The Duke


  1. Fantastic work all around. Great stuff. :)

  2. Good choice for all these different Characters, it must have been quite a search to find a suitable model for them all.
    Once more, your miniatures truly shine in these little diorama pictures. Lovely work!

    1. Thanks Wouter. Searching out minis is never a chore! It's knowing when to stop and justifying the cost! The biggest problem I have had is finding suitable minis for Bebop and Rocksteady in their mutated forms as I don't like the Greebo ones from a couple of years ago. Fortunately last week Greebo announced new sculpts are coming and they look amazing!


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