Super Dungeon Explore 3D

As some of you may know I've been working on Super Dungeon Explore for the past month or so. Super Dungeon Explore is based on the old 8-bit and 16-bit video games from our childhood with a wonderful Chibi style. The artwork in the game is great but I've found that it can be difficult to spot the various terrain features, especially the impassible terrain and walls on the boards. So, I thought it could be cool to upgrade my boards, introducing Super Dungeon Explore 3D.

The walls will have a sandstone paint scheme and will be cut down to fit the tiles a little better. They are 15mm walls from Debris of War. The trees are scratch built and were designed to have a simplistic feel, giving that 8-bit impression as if they were coded using simple shapes. They are actually 12mm Dowel with a variety of polystyrene balls attached but I think they work pretty well.

And now a few more pictures from the workbench. I'm 80 models down now with just 23 to go!

Frog Knights

Mini Boss Trent

Claw Shrine Spawn Points

Grobbit Executioner and his Billmen

Claw Trainers and their Drake Hounds

Treasure Chests

The Tribal Stone Spawn Point

Well that's it for this week, check back soon for more!

The Duke


  1. Excellent solution to the tiles situation and lovely work on the minis. :)

  2. 😃 This reminds me a bit of the 3D terrain for Krosmaster, only better ... Beautiful work!
    I admire your skill with the brush, these mini's are awesome.

    1. Thanks Wouter. They are surprisingly easy to make, glue, sandpaper and my electric drill. Painted using a variety of paint pens and a mix of green flock. I still need to make the bigger groups of trees and I've got some giant mushrooms on order from Fenris but you never know when they'll arrive.


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