Workbench - March 20/17

So, I'm back with some more stuff from the Workbench. It's been nearly a month since I started working on the Super Dungeon Explore project and to date I have completed 55 models for the game. I now have enough painted minis to run a fully painted game with extra hero options too. 

With the Easter Holidays fast approaching and downtime looking probable I have a new project in mind so keep watching this space for updates on that, however for now here's some more poorly lit and blurry photos. 

Mist Hounds
 Fae Alchemist
 Questing Knight
 Royal Warden
 Thunder Vale Huntress
 Mistmourn Shaman
 Princess Emerald
 Lord Gruff
 The Colonel
 Bashful Boris
 The Forgotten King
 Boo Booties...

Lots of cool bits to this project. I'm still sticking to the "quick" job ethos I set out with but I did spend a bit longer on the Heroes and Boss villains (approximately one and a half to two hours each). As I move forward I'll be working on expanding the monster options, plus of course my secret Easter Project. 

Until Next Time...

The Duke