Workbench - March '17

It's been a while since I posted and that's largely due to the fact that I rarely have time or light to take good pictures at the moment. Those of you who follow the facebook page will have seen I am still painting but I know that many of you don't use facebook so I thought I'd at least try and do a monthly workbench post here too to show you what I'm working on. 

So, this month's project has been Super Dungeon Explore, a chibi-style Dungeon Crawl board game from Soda Pop Miniatures. My aim with these paint jobs was to create something that looked good on the board without spending a long time doing it. Each mini took an hour or less with the exception of King Sprout, who took closer to two hours. 

Admiral Fuzzybottom & Madam Hilde

A Mook

Six Mooks!

Lil' Sprout

Six Sorrows & The Salt Pillar

Pet Parade

Mr Chompers

Miss G Snorts

Wisps & Turnip Heads

King Sprout

Mist Hound

I'm currently working towards having enough painted minis to try out the new beta rules for the fully co-op Arcade mode. As such I need to paint at least one Mini-Boss and I have four options to choose from: Ser Sharpclaw a Kobald Knight, Salt a crystaline one-eyed beasty, Boris a bad tempered bear or Treant a lumbering leafy leviathan. Drop me a comment below on which you'd like to see me attempt next :)

Ser Sharpclaw or Salt?
Boris or Treant

That's it for this Workbench post, I'll check in next month with my progress and if I can find the time I'll try and get some proper photos up. 

The Duke  


  1. Thanks a lot for the pictures as I'm one of the people who refuses to get onto Facebook.
    These look both cute and well painted, you've done a great job capturing the cartoony feeling of the range.

    1. Thanks Wouter :) Although the Facebook page is public so you can view it without needing an account.

    2. Unfortunately not over here in Belgium, due to a dispute between the Belgian Privacy Commision and Facebook. Facebook was even courtmarshalled over here because they gather information about non-Facebook users too.

  2. Lovely work Chris; love the vibrancy of the painting. :)

    1. Thanks man, it's something that really works with these minis and really helps them to stand out on the table :)


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